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How I turned a 147 into a 170 on the LSAT

Hi, I'm John.

The first time I took a practice LSAT, I got a 147—that was the lowest score of my three-person study group. I was crushed.

At the time, I was a full-time student (taking 16 credit hours), a full-time employee (working 35+ hours a week), and a new dad (my first kid wasn't yet one). I didn't have time to study all day or money to hire a private tutor, but I still wanted a high score.

I knew had to use my time well.

I sat down and planned out a study schedule that would work with my limited time and resources. Over the course of about five months, I went from 147 to a 170—the lowest score of my study group to a score that only about one in twenty-five test takers achieve.

This is the schedule I used.

This schedule will help you...

  • Find your weakest sections, so you can get the practice you need the most;
  • Track your scores over time, so you can celebrate your progress and keep improving;
  • Automate your study process, so you can focus on learning, not planning.

If you have limited study time, I hope this free schedule will help you maximize your studying and perform at your best on test day!

Download your schedule now and get ready to crush the LSAT.

John makes studying easy!"

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